Steve Cadigan: “What we’re not talking about as much is how much more meaningful work can become.”

Steve Cadigan is one of Silicon Valley’s hottest properties when it comes to people, talent and culture. As Founder of Cadigan Talent Ventures LLC, a Silicon Valley-based talent strategies advisory firm, Steve helps organisations worldwide develop winning talent solutions. His specialties and recent speaking topics include: The future of Leadership and why leading in the […]

Bill Dutton: “Being online is a relatively safe place to be.”

Bill Dutton is the Quello Professor of Media and Information Policy at Michigan State University, where he is Director of the Quello Center. He was the OII’s Founding Director, a Fellow of Balliol College and the first Professor of Internet Studies at Oxford University. In which key areas can internet access improve lives? Information. Information. […]

Rodrigo García de la Cruz: “Regulators need to make sure they are protecting consumers, and not getting lost in the “financial innovation” quicksands.”

Rodrigo García de la Cruz is CEO and Founder of Finnovating, a global open innovation strategy consultancy and a pioneer consultant in Disruptive Innovation specialising in FinTech, InsurTech, PropTech, RegTech, LegalTech, WealthTech, Neobanks and Blockchain. Rodrigo was recognised in the TOP 17 of the TOP World influencers in FinTech, and TOP 35 in InsurTech. He […]

Gry Hasselbach: “We don’t have to give up our privacy to have a digital life.”

Gry Hasselbalch is cofounder of For over a decade, she has worked with the industry, policymakers, NGOs, and end users in the cross field of tech, ethics, human rights, and society. She is an independent advisor and has been tasked by international institutions and governments on multiple occasions as an independent expert. Most recently, she […]

Saleem Alhabash: “We’re not realizing how much data is worth.”

Saleem Alhabash is an Associate Professor at Michigan State University‘s Department of Advertising + Public Relations, where he also co-directs the Media and Advertising Psychology (MAP) Lab. His research focuses on the processes and effects of new and social media within the context of persuasion. More specifically, his research investigates the cognitive and emotional responses, […]

JoAnn Stonier: “Everything a company is doing around data should start with the individual and protecting that individual’s data”

JoAnn C. Stonier is the Chief Data Officer for Mastercard Worldwide. She is responsible for overseeing the curation, maintenance and management of the company’s strong data assets as Mastercard increasingly looks to deepen the value it can provide its merchant, banking and government customers and cardholders through its analytics capabilities. What is the role of […]

Aimee van Wynsberghe: “Governments must create a context which forces technology companies to take ethics seriously”

Aimee van Wynsberghe has been working in ICT and robotics since 2004. She began her career as part of a research team working with surgical robots in Canada at CSTAR (Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advance Robotics). Co-founder and co-director of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics and on the board of the Institute for Accountability in […]

Judith Viladomat: “People need to focus on the skills where we are strongest. This means creativity”

Judith Viladomat manages Corporate Communications at PAL Robotics.  PAL Robotics is a leading company in bipedal humanoid robots, established in Barcelona. Their mission is to develop service robots that improve the quality of life of people. A team of passionate engineers who design, assemble and customise humanoid robots to help take business to the next […]

Nicole Sandler: “Collaboration is key for innovation and education is essential”

Nicole Sandler is a lawyer in the Global Regulatory Policy team at Barclays. She currently focuses on the future impact of fintech related regulation and initiatives on Barclays in the UK and globally, including advising on various regulatory initiatives proposed by regulators such as the FCA, MAS and the CFTC. Nicole engages with regulators both […]

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