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Code your State. What does it mean to be a digital citizen?

Tags: 'public innovation'


While governments remain preoccupied with spending billions of euros on protecting their geographic boundaries by building walls, both physical and ideological, the world around them is changing. New forms of states and citizenship —and therefore belonging— are blossoming from the plant of digital revolution: open, democratic, light and inclusive digital nations are here. In this podcast, we see if they are to stay.




With the participation of:

  • Taavi Kotka, pioneer and digital guru of e-Estonia and cofounder of the world’s first e-Residency programme
  • Francesca Bria, CTO Barcelona Smart City and founder of DECODE Project.
  • Frances Valintine an education futurist from New Zealand (Digital Nations 2030 NZ)
  • Paloma Baytelman, consultant on Social Networks and Digital Communication. Member of the think tank working group. Responsable transformación digital del Consejo Nacional de Innovación para el Desarrollo en Chile.
  • Rosalie Nelson, strategist and general manager of Callaghan Innovation (Digital Nations 2030 NZ)