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How much is your data worth? The future of data ethics and digital trust


In the digital era, it is only now that we are starting to understand the social impact of technology and many challenges have arisen when it comes to our data. Data protection and privacy are crucial, but in the majority of cases we give our data away every day without proper understanding of the consequences. Why are we giving our data away without a cost and without knowing who is responsible for its use? What right does a company have to access our social activities online and then monetise the information? And the process is irreversible. Data is always traceable. So the real question isn’t necessarily about privacy – it’s about taking back control. In this podcast we speak to data scientists, hackers and engineers, as well as everyday people, exploring their different perspectives on data ethics and privacy.



With the participation of:

  • Nuria Oliver, Ph.D. from the Media Lab at MIT and Fellow of the European Association of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Lorena Jaume-Palasí, member of the group of wise people on AI and Big Data created by the Secretary of State on the Digital Agenda.
  • Mary Gray, a​ Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and Faculty Affiliate at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society.