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Top 10 revelations from our 2020 interviewees


This year, we interviewed over 85 experts that have shared with us their thoughts on different topics that concern the impact that technology has on our societies. Among all of them, we have chosen the 10 revelations that have impacted us the most:


1. “We have 18th century politics with 19th century institutions/government with 20th century technology trying to solve 21st century problems.” Lisa Witter, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Apolitical.


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2. “The biggest spreader of disinformation in the United States is President Trump.” Jess Reis, US expert in political communications.


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3. “If we are not already in a cyberwar, we are undoubtedly in a process of developing and supplying cyber weapons by all states of the planet.” Javier Tobal, computer technician, computer judicial expert and security auditor.


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4. “Things like cobalt are really the blood diamonds of today.” Ravi Rajan, Greenpeace Board of Directors.


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5. “Health is an area in which AI has the potential to enable better care for everyone (especially those who cannot afford basic healthcare).” Oriol Vinyals, Principal Research Scientist at Google DeepMind.


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6. “In a few years, every political decision will be made with data.” Victoria Alonsoperez, UN Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals.


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7. “Amazon’s AI recruiting software was found to downgrade résumés that contained the word ‘women’s’.” Saniye Gülser Corat, UNESCO Gender Equality Director.


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8. “Students are currently being prepared for a world that no longer exists.” Christopher Pommerening, Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Learnlife.


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9. “Disinformation will drive people to be much more polarised and violent towards each other.” Audrey Tang,  Digital Minister for Taiwan.


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10. “About half of the needs of our current workforce will no longer be necessary in about 50 years.” Alexis Abramson, Dean of the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth.


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