Digital Future Society working session

Feb 23, 2020 - Feb 23, 2020
10:00H - 14:00H
This meeting brought together a select group of international experts representing governments, supranational organisations, companies, academia and civil society organisations to address the challenge of governing emerging technologies. During the meeting, participants split into four different groups and work on the following topics:

Future of Work
Data Governance
Digital Divides
Technology & Climate Emergency

The expert participants identified the main challenges and opportunities of each topic and laid the groundwork for the Digital Future Society Global Summit, the programme's flagship event scheduled for winter 2020 at which a series of international agreements on technology governance will be presented and signed.

Discover the video summary of the Working Session.




Digital Future Society working session
Working meeting aiming to identify opportunities and frameworks where to develop and achieve international agreements on each topic.
  1. Future of work
  2. Data Governance
  3. Digital Divides
  4. Technology and climate emergency
Digital Future Society working session