Digital trust and security

Digital services must be based on relations of trust, security and privacy. The “always-on” society and integration between online and offline worlds make a digital society based on trust and security even more relevant.

Working Groups

Data ethics and the challenge of digital privacy 

The landscape of data ethics is complex, and many challenges emerge when trying to define and engage with it, especially when nascent digital technologies such as artificial intelligence or edge computing are involved. What kind of data governance tools and solutions can help transform ethical principles into practice?


Marc Blasi
Big Data Project Manager
Artur Serra
Deputy director
Tarek R. Besold
AI Lead and a Senior Research Scientist

Lavinia Marin
Fabro Steibel
Executive Director
Atia Cortes

Victoria Anderica
Transparency Project Director

Business models that reinforce transparency
 and privacy

Opaque business models make it harder to trace the collection, use, and exploitation of personal data. How can policymakers identify and support SMEs with business models that reinforce transparency
 and privacy when it comes to data-handling practices?  


Cristian Barrué Subirana
Post-Doctoral researcher
Renata Ávila
Sonia Navarro
Associate Director

Ali Hussein
Member Board of Trustees
Pieter van Boheemen
Ayden Férdeline
Technology Policy fellow

Molly Wilson
Senior Researcher & Designer

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