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Platform-to-business regulation

Maximising the opportunities the P2B Regulation offers SMEs and platforms in Spain and abroad
Tags: 'digital emergency' 'digital future society' 'Digital transformation' 'Operational data' 'P2B regulation' 'platform to business' 'SMEs'
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Platform economy and COVID-19

A look at delivery, home care, and online freelance work in Spain and Latin America ...
Tags: 'Algorithm' 'digital emergency' 'digital future society' 'digital labour platform' 'digital platform work' 'digital platform work Spain' 'domestic work' 'future of work' 'gig economy' 'labour platform' 'platform economy' 'platform labour home care' 'platform work'
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Home care and digital platforms in Spain

Over the last ten years, developments in digital technologies and high penetration rates of communication ...
Tags: 'digital future society' 'digital labour platform' 'digital platform work' 'digital platform work Spain' 'domestic work' 'future of work' 'gender perspective' 'gig economy' 'platform economy' 'platform labour home care'
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Policy brief: emerging technologies, a lever to tackle urban challenges in the climate decade

The case of Barcelona
Tags: 'Artificial Intelligence' 'digital emergency' 'digital future society' 'Emerging technologies' 'Public innovation'
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Digital platform work in Spain: what do we know?

A literature review
Tags: 'Algorithm' 'digital emergency' 'digital future society' 'digital labour platform' 'digital platform work' 'future of work' 'gyg economy' 'labour platform' 'platform work'
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Exploring gender-responsive designs in digital welfare

How design can play a critical role in highlighting system blindspots and can encourage practices ...
Tags: 'ADMS' 'Algorithm' 'Artificial Intelligence' 'Data breach' 'Public innovation'
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Risks and opportunities of emerging tech in the climate decade

Where emerging tech meets climate
Tags: 'Artificial Intelligence' 'Emerging technologies' 'Public innovation'
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Towards gender equality in digital welfare

Guiding principles for developing ADMS that promote gender equality
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Dealing with disinformation

Strategies for digital citizen empowerment
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Digital cooperation to bridge digital divides

Promoting digital literacy and equitable growth

Business models that reinforce trust, transparency and privacy

Exploring privacy-first business models for the digital era
Tags: 'Business Models' 'Data ethics' 'Privacy'
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Measuring the margins: Improving global digital inclusion metrics

Many policymakers and organisations talk about digital inclusion: a means to empower citizens through access ...
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Annual Report 2019

Digital Future Society Think Tank
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The future of work in the digital era: the rise of labour platforms

The future of work has become a hot topic of discussion in recent years. Globalisation, ...
Tags: 'Algorithm' 'Business Models' 'Emerging technologies'
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GovTech: a new driver of citizen participation?

Explore how GovTech enables public innovation to take on new dimensions

Towards Agenda 2030

Digital Future Society and the Sustainable Development Goals
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Toward better data governance for all

Data ethics and privacy in the digital era
Tags: 'ADMS' 'Algorithm' 'Artificial Intelligence' 'Blockchain' 'Data breach' 'Data ethics' 'GDPR'

Where emerging tech meets government

Learn how AI and blockchains are disrupting public innovation
Tags: 'Emerging technologies' 'Public innovation'

Building a trustworthy digital business: Recommendations for SMEs

Building a trustworthy digital business: Recommendations for SMEs

Future Government. Design criteria for algorithmic systems

Algorithmic technology can fundamentally influence what a government does and how it operates. The integration ...