Global perspectives on women, work, and digital labour platforms
A collection of articles from around the world on women’s experiences of digital labour platforms


The rise of digital labour platforms has attracted the attention of the media, regulators, and academics. A vast amount of literature and commentary has been produced over the last few years. However, with some exceptions, there continues to be important knowledge gaps about the gender dynamics that exist in the platform economy and about women’s experiences of platform work across different economic and social realities.

To help fill this gap Digital Future Society is publishing Global Perspectives on Women, Work and Digital Labour Platforms, a collection of 10 articles written by 26 gig economy experts based in Argentina, France, Germany, India, Kenya, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Uganda, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The collection covers a wide range of themes and countries across the globe and focuses on both on-location and online web-based platform work.

As the articles in this series highlight, platform-mediated work can offer women important opportunities to enter (or re-enter) the labour market and earn an income. Yet, around the globe, significant deficits in quality work remain in the platform economy, that need addressing by policymakers and platform companies in partnership with workers’ organisations.

The collection aims to provide useful insights for those working in and regulating platform work and help raise awareness about the pressing need for more research and analysis from a gender intersectional perspective.