About DFS

Digital Future Society is a programme supported by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business in collaboration with Mobile World Capital Barcelona that seeks to build an inclusive, equitable and sustainable future in the digital era. The programme engages policymakers, civic society organisations, academic experts and citizens to respond to the challenges of the digital age. Digital Future Society works in four key areas: public innovation, digital trust and security, equitable growth, and inclusion and citizen empowerment.



The citizen must be placed at the centre of the fourth industrial revolution

The path to global technology governance starts with digital cooperation: new ways of collaborating to address the social, ethical, legal and economic impacts of digital technologies in order to maximize their benefits and minimize their harm.


Throughout the year, Digital Future Society transforms global reflection into local actions and creates spaces for its communities and citizens to share ideas and solutions.

A global initiative focused on commissioning research that creates new knowledge on challenges emerging from the design, use and governance of digital technologies

A clearinghouse that identifies marketable solutions to prototype and overcome social challenges

Events and spaces to share knowledge, experiences and tools that inspire citizens to tackle current challenges.

Key areas

Public Innnovation

The speed at which emerging technologies change society, and the dynamism of the markets they fuel, mean that policymakers rarely have time or space clearly to articulate the conditions for a successful tech-driven society. Constantly playing catch up as tech development outpaces them, it is becoming increasingly difficult for governments to craft relevant policy for the digital age.

Digital Trust

Using data the “right” way is not about what is technically possible, but rather desirable from society’s point of view. Society must be able to trust technologists, companies, governments and private citizens to use technology to serve humanity for the long term. To meet this expectation, digital services must be based on relations of trust, transparency, and privacy.

Equitable Growth

An equitable society is one in which every citizen can participate and prosper. Sustainable economic growth requires society to create the conditions that enable citizens to have dignified jobs that stimulate the economy without harming the environment.