Digital cooperation to bridge digital divides
Promoting digital literacy and equitable growth


Governments worldwide struggle with bridging the digital divide, which takes many forms and is much more complex than access to ICTs.  

Beyond access, digital literacy is one way to grant citizens the agency and confidence required to fully reap technology’s benefits and to participate more fully in an increasingly digital society 

The fourth Digital Future Society report features 4 in-depth case studies of digital literacy initiatives powered by digital cooperation. Each case shows how digital divides treated as complex social challenges (instead of a matter of technology access aloneand tackled by a diverse set of players (engaged in shaping collaborative solutions) can promote digital literacy and equitable growth.  

“Digital cooperation is about working together to address the social, ethical, legal, and economic impact of digital technologies in order to maximise their benefits and minimize their harm.” 
United Nations Secretary- General’s High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation