Home care and digital platforms in Spain


Over the last ten years, developments in digital technologies and high penetration rates of communication and information technologies have been fuelling the expansion of digital platforms across sectors, and home care is no exception.

Unfortunately, however, the growing body of literature on the platform economy has so far paid little attention to home care and the overlapping field of domestic work. These are segments of the economy characterised for having an overwhelmingly female workforce and being highly precarious and socially undervalued.

This report is a first step towards addressing this literature gap on digital platforms and the home care sector in Spain.
“The risk of invisibility that goes with platform work can be magnified if it is added to the invisibility-risk accompanying domestic work – the shortage of studies and initiatives focusing on the intersection of these phenomena shows how urgent it is for scholars, social partners and policymakers to tackle this issue.”
Quote's Author
Valerio De Stefano – KU Leuven, Institute for Labor Law