Digital platform work in Spain: what do we know?
A literature review


The national and international expansion of digital labour platforms across multiple sectors lies at the intersection of digital innovation and changing employment trends. The rise of the internet, advancements in artificial intelligence and the expansion of the data economy, together with the deregulation of labour markets, the growth in temporary work and the increasing externalisation and fragmentation of work have all together provided, and continue to provide, fertile ground for the growth of digital platform work.

Spain has the highest volume of people working through digital platforms in Europe. Around 2.6% of the working population rely on digital platform work as their main form of employment. Widening the focus to include all who sporadically engage in platform work, however, sees the figure go up to 18%. But what do we really know about platform work in Spain and platform workers’ experiences?

This report is a first step towards systematically understanding the knowledge Spain is producing on the platform economy and marks the creation of a centralised space for all such publications on a national, public level.

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Digital platforms are a global phenomenon, and in many countries where they operate or are active, they are under analysis and scrutiny to provide a response to the challenges they pose. As readers of this report can discover, Spain has not fallen behind in this task.
Luz Rodríguez - Senior Specialist in Labor Market Institutions at the International Labor Organization.
Geographical spread of platform workers in Spain
Digital platform work in Spain: what do we know?

Digital platform work in Spain – The literature