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Digital platform work in Spain: what do we know?

A literature review

Tags: 'Algorithm' 'digital emergency' 'digital future society' 'digital labour platform' 'digital platform work' 'future of work' 'gyg economy' 'labour platform' 'platform work'
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Spain has the highest volume of people working through online platforms in Europe with around 2.6% of the working population relying on digital platform work as their main form of employment. Widening the focus to include all who sporadically engage in platform work, however, sees the figure go up to 18%. 

When talking about the platform economy, the media and public debate often focus on the delivery and transport sectors. But what do we really know about platform work in Spain and platform workers’ experiences? What data do we have? How many studies have been done? 

 Until now, literature on platform work has been spread across different sources, and there has been no single place centralising all publications on a national, public level. This report is a first step towards addressing this gap and presents the results of a systematic literature review conducted in May and June 2020. The purpose of this work is threefold: to draw insights on the literature published to date in Spain, to identify the existing knowledge gaps and to propose recommendations for policymakers. 

The Annexes of this report provide the reference details and links to all reviewed documents. 

The report goes beyond reviewing academic literature and also shows us documents published by social agents, public administrations and think tanks regarding work in the platform economy. This helps build a body of knowledge on a subject that beforehand seemed dispersed, lacking consistency and without a common thread holding it together. There is no doubt, this is one of the report’s achievements. Luz Rodríguez - Associate Professor of Labour and Social Security Law at the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Principal Researcher of the Digital Work Research Group, and editor of Plataformas Digitales y Mercado de Trabajo (Digital Platforms and the Labour Market).