Annual Report 2019
Digital Future Society Think Tank


The first Annual Report of the Digital Future Society Think Tank offers an overview of what we do, how we work and what we have achieved so far, with a focus on insights gained from our reports. It also lays out the Think Tank’s plan of action for 2020: creating a bigger impact together with our partners.

In 2019, the work of the Digital Future Society Think Tank explored how governments and technologists can shape more inclusive, transparent and equitable futures. With a mission of understanding the different ways digital disruption impacts society, some of the specific technologies examined in detail include automated decision-making systems, distributed ledger technologies, GovTech, and digital labour platforms. During 2019, the Think Tank forged partnerships with key research organisations and invited renowned experts to participate in 3-day working group meetings in Barcelona. Additional research to define the direction and scope of work was undertaken prior to and following each working group. This work was transformed into 8 reports published by the Think Tank throughout 2019.
“The right of access to a digital society, essential for social inclusion, has already been recognised as a universal human right by the United Nations.”
Nadia Calviño, Vice-President and Minister for Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation Government of Spain