This project seeks to identify practices and actions carried out by digital labour platforms in response to the crisis of the COVID-19 . The scope is limited to Spain and Latin America, and focuses on three sectors: delivery, care of the elderly and the dependant and virtual service platforms

The analysis of these practices and actions will be developed around two key areas:

How has the business model or main activity of the platform been adapted?

How have workers been affected and what initiatives have been created to reduce the impact of the crisis on their quality of life?

Project Methodology

Delivery, care and virtual service platforms will be surveyed on the impact of COVID-19 and on the measures they have taken in response to the crisis. Various platforms (5-10 per sector in each region) will be invited to participate in a series of working groups, in which the information they provide will serve to create a database to aid in comparison and analysis.
Surveys will be carried out in order to gain a wider perspective on the impact that COVID-19 has on platforms, their workers and users. One survey per each sector, along with the participation of many platforms per each, will allow us to understand how the sector itself has adapted in crises. Additionally, the information provided will aid in detecting similarities and differences between Spain and Latin America, as well as at an inter-regional level.
Platforms that have carried out relevant actions as a result of the COVID-19 crisis will be interviewed and participate in working sessions. The key objectives of these working groups are to share learned lessons and gain a better understanding of the impact of the virus. Factsheets of each platform will be created, including information about its adaptation and to identify the common points.
Findings gathered during the working session and interviewed will be published in a visual report that will detail the most relevant practices for each sector. The overall aim is to show several examples of adaptation and changes in the relationships between platforms and collaborators.

Project Plan

The project aims to identify practices and/or actions carried out by digital labour platforms as a result of the impact of the COVID19 crisis in Spain and Latin America

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