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Deconstructing Disinformation – DFS at the MWC Barcelona 2022


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As the leading programme to debate the ethical implications of digitalization in society, Digital Future Society conducted several events in the MWC Barcelona 2022 to analyse the digital emergency.

Digital Future Society organized a debate to reflect on the evolution of the popularization of false information in the digital age, with the European Commission and the main organizations that work to detect and stop disinformation: Newtral, Efe Verifica and Verificat. During the session, the two pilot projects of the Tech Against Disinformation call will be announced.


The key speakers were:

Cristina Colom, Digital Future Society Director.
Manuel Szapiro, Head of representation at the European Comission
Desiree Garcia, Efe verifica Director
Lorenzo Marini, Verificat Co-director
Ruben Miguez, Chief Technology Officer at Newtral
Alejandro Martin, Assistant Professor at the Computing Systems Department at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Nikos Sarris, Researcher at CERTH