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DFS Voices: Ethics need to be embedded in technology, and are essential with AI


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Iván Caballero is the CEO and founder of Citibeats

Since January 2018, Iván Caballero has lead Citibeats, an AI company designed to listen to citizens, understand their opinions and shape their cities to answer their real needs. Citibeats is an artificial intelligence platform for social understanding that searches and analyses large amounts of unstructured text data (and other types of files where they can extract text) provided by citizens to identify social trends, opinions and concerns in real-time.


He is a social entrepreneur from Barcelona with more than 20 years of experience building five start-ups so far. Citibeats is a social risk understanding platform that launched around three years ago in Barcelona and the world. Their mission is to help thought-leaders of society have real-time information about what citizens need to make better-informed decisions and impact more efficiently.

With this technology, they have developed more than 50 projects worldwide, from Japan to Latin America. They have raised more than 3 million euros in funds from different vendor capitals like the Interamerican Development Bank, CAF or Telefonica. There are 30 people in the company, and they have been growing exponentially for the last two years; and plan to keep expanding internationally, maybe to the United States next year.