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#DFSDialogues – Technology and education, the antidote to disinformation


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In this #DFSDialogues, Digital Future Society’s director Cristina Colom discusses the significance of access to technology and quality information as a democracy and social progress safeguard, together with journalist Karma Peiró, an expert in Information and Communication Technologies.


Does more access to information necessarily mean being better informed? Do we have the appropriate tools to filter and distinguish what is true from what is fake out of the ‘infoxication’ to which we are subjected? What is the antidote to stop this apparatus, and the risks of not achieving this on time? What is the role that citizens should assume? Could we be witnessing the disintegration of democratic deliberation if immediate action is not taken? Colom and Peiró try to shed light on the matter in the first Digital Future Society Dialogues.