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Data ethics: Concerns about ethics in large tech companies


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Every time we use our mobile devices or access the internet, our data is collected and often
shared with third parties. But what really happens to our information? Who ends up using it?
And for what purposes?
As these questions grow larger, the need of a protector has grown more urgent. Some kind
entity that can ensure our privacy and that can guarantee the ethical handling of our most
sensitive data.
Tech companies, who collect and use our data, are apparently aware of the ethical and social
concerns regarding such practices. In order to provide their own oversight and to calm users’
fears, tech companies speak openly about data collection. Several have even paid for academic
research or studies at prestigious universities as proof of their ongoing dedication to the
But what are these companies really doing?
Why do they seemingly want to push back against data collection, yet continue their ethically
dubious practices?
Do they really care about data protection, or is it simply a well-orchestrated marketing