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The Future Metaverse: An Interdisciplinary Perspective 


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Roundtable of the Mobile World Congress 2023. The Metaverse Future: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

Please note, the video is in Spanish.

  • Pedro Lozano, co-founder of the company Imascono

  • Eleonora Espósito, researcher at the University of Navarra and prominent national expert in DG Connect (European Commission). Previously, at the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)

  • Lluís Torrent, environmental expert and consultant for international organizations 

  • Lluís Juncà, General Director of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Digital Economy, Generalitat de Catalunya 

Moderated by: Olivia Blanchard, Senior Researcher at Digital Future Society

To read the collection of interviews "Ethical and scoial challenges posed by the future metaverse" visit this link