Sound portraits to understand the algorithms that affect us

The public sector is in full transformation. Until recently, all tasks and decisions within the administration fell to human beings. But in recent years governments around the world have integrated automated systems into their work processes.

However, the use of algorithms and Artificial Intelligence in this sector often goes unnoticed by citizens. These systems are sometimes difficult to see and understand. But its effects on society are, on the other hand, very real: its good or bad performance has direct consequences on people’s lives.

With this podcast we want to explore various algorithms that the Spanish public sector has been using for some time. Systems with very different purposes and that reflect the many challenges that these technological solutions have ahead. But also the potential risks involved if they are not designed and implemented properly.


Can an algorithm really replace human judgment? How to prevent these systems from discriminating against certain groups? Are these tools transparent enough?

During the six episodes of the podcast we will address issues like these from specific cases. We will also ask ourselves how governments can advance on the path of digitization based on ethical and rights-based criteria. And we will look at the legislation that is currently under discussion to regulate the use of Artificial Intelligence..