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Report in 2 minutes: Gender bias in data


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Our report Gender bias in data: Towards gender equality in digital welfare in under two minutes.

The underlying premise of this report is that technology is never a benign instrument. Instead, it incorporates biases and ways of functioning that, in the case of welfare, have been entrenched throughout history. Gendered disadvantages in Western society have long reflected by welfare systems’ appraisal of women’s roles and needs. Furthermore, historic gender bias in data has further penalised women in the already discriminatory roll-out of ADMS seen in numerous Western countries

Integrating ADMS in welfare can be a revolutionary process. It even has the potential to amend dated assumptions about gender roles and design a social protection system that truly empowers women and leads to a more equitable society for all. This is only possible, however, if the process is accompanied by an understanding of gender inequality mechanisms in both traditional and more recent digital welfare systems.

Therefore, this report is a primer for policymakers seeking to exploit technology’s potential in welfare while promoting gender equality.