Digital cooperation to bridge digital divides

Although providing physical access to the internet remains essential to connect the unconnected,
it is not 
sufficient to develop local economies and ensure the equitable distribution of the benefits 
stemming from digital technology. 

Why it matters

While basic access to ICTs has improved 
over the past decade in advanced and 
emerging economies alike, the nature
 and complexity of
 the digital divide has changed. Public and private actors must find new ways to collaborate and respond to these new challenges. 


Balaji Parthasarathy

Artur Serra

Elkin Echeverri

Grace Mutung’u

Mridhula Raghavan

Natalia Olson-Urtecho

Marta Arniani

Elina Girne

Flavia Rodriguez de Souza

Stefano Suardi

Dolors Vidal

Alexey ​Parabuchev