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La Plataforma y Yo: Care sector


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The digital platforms have also arrived to the cleaning and care services. This sector workers tell us about their experiences.



When we talk about work through digital platforms, we do not usually think about cleaning a home or caring for a dependent person. However, in recent years, there have been numerous applications that put professionals in contact with end customers, either individuals or companies. The emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic has also increased this type of services demand.


In this chapter of ‘La Plataforma y yo’ we get closer to the reality of the workers who use these portals, mostly women and, on many occasions, of migrant origin.


To understand this sector of platform work, we spoke with Olivia Blanchard, researcher at the Digital Future Society Think Tank and author of the report ‘Home care and digital platforms in Spain’, and with Sara Moreno, a sociologist specializing in inequalities and gender.



During this episode we also spoke with Isabel, Mónica and two other workers who have preferred to remain anonymous. Their four testimonies show us a diverse and highly precarious sector, especially when we talk about vulnerable people due to their administrative situation or their economic deficiencies.



With this chapter we close this series on work on digital employment platforms in Spain. We try to understand, through the voices of workers, the particularities of various sectors that are being transformed by the hand of technology. Looking at the effects – not always positive – of this revolution and the experiences of its main protagonists.



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