A first-hand look at how platforms are changing the world of work

Alejandra, Juan Carlos, María, Mónica, Sandesh, José Francisco, Aleksandra, David and Trina all have something in common: their work depends, directly or indirectly, on a platform. ‘La Plataforma y yo’, a podcast series from the Digital Future Society Think Tank, tells their story and explores the reality of a labour market in constant flux.

The technological revolution has had a decisive impact on the job market with platform, algorithm and application now common phrases in the vocabulary of work. However, beyond the technologies underpinning these impacts, a story that too often goes untold is that of the people using them — the platform workers.

Key questions include: Who are they? What difficulties do they face when working? What is their relationship like with the applications they use to find work? What did they do before they started working on platforms?

To answer these questions, we need to hear first-hand experiences from the people living this new reality day-to-day: platform workers in Spain. Therefore, this podcast series has three episodes offering worker perspectives from three particularly representative sectors: delivery riders, virtual services and care.